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Programming, weightlifting and various brain dumps.
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I’ve seen lately a lot of hate towards dailies and I want to add my 2 cents on what I think is the real issue behind.

A common critique I’ve heard is that they are distractions and they are a waste of time.

Daily stand-ups, meetings that should last about…

For the pic I couldn’t get taco shells so I went with some small tortillas and toasted them into shape later on

A really easy and fast recipe, perfect to add some spice and flavour to your diet. Add a diet coke and you got yourself a non-cheat cheat meal!

It’s relatively low in carbs, but with plenty of healthy fats and it’s really satiating, which makes it a great dish for…

Take a look at the code

A “Hello Triangle” is the first exercise a graphics dev does when learning a new API, analogous to the “Hello World” exercise with a new language. …

One of the most difficult challenges in any diet, whatever the goal, is to make it stick.

That’s why I always try to incorporate at least one meal a day that feels like a cheat meal.

Making it fun, and enjoyable while keeping the macros under control is the key…

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Minimalism. Feels like the latest lifestyle trend, and the YouTube algorithm will make sure that I see it everywhere.

The clean aesthetics, the pristine white-walled houses with efficient but sophisticated Scandinavian furniture, the promise of a happier, more focused and purposeful life. And of course, the slow-motion videos of pour-over…

Oldest trick in the book, check if an integer is even or not. How do you do it? A nice and simple num % 2 == 0 ?

For the last 2 years, I’ve been in a loving relationship with Vim’s modal editing, but my actual setup has changed a lot with time (not even always using Vim itself), as, let’s face it, out-of-the-box Vim is pretty lacking for anything else than a quick edit of a couple…

NOTE 1: This is a “repost” of a Gist made from my notes around the summer of 2019, while I was learning Ray Marching. It is then quite basic content, and can even have mistakes. For more accurate and in depth content about raymarching, I highly recommend Iñigo Quilez’s blog


Writing documentation is one of those things we all despise.
It’s boring, it’s tedious and takes way too much time that we could be using to build a new feature, or to fix another bug.

However, we all know too how important is to have proper documentation (and if you…

Javier Salcedo

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